Crown Lands are an up-and-coming Canadian two-piece. If you haven’t heard about them yet, you will
— Alan Cross
This band is pretty damn great.
— Alice Cooper
Kevin Comeau and Cody Bowles aim to bring classic psych-rock into the modern musical landscape on their upcoming offering, serving up an intoxicating blend of crunchy blues-rock riffs and howling vocals…scorching classic rock vibes strong throughout… blistering guitars, pummelling drums and dramatic manmade growls of closer “Scott Fitzgerald. Let Crown Lands’ updated take on the rock’n’roll of yore wash over you.
— Sarah Murphy (Exclaim)
This high-decibel rock duo delivers an authentically heavy and thick melodic slab of cosmos-rock that will alter the rules and probably change your DNA. You might just live forever after you hear it”
— Phil Demetro (Lacquer Channel Mastering)
Cody Bowles rocks the drums and howls at the same time with a Wolfmother feel to his voice. Kevin Comeau on guitar and bass pedals is very impressive and it seems his multi-tasking is key to the full sound this 2 piece band produces… Crown Lands have figured out something special.
— Kris Gies (The Deli Magazine)